Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pneumatic Nail Gun

With the start of the panel wainscoting, I have ventured into a new realm of remodeling - the pneumatic nail gun. It is really amazing how much it moves the work along. I figured it would and thought that this stage of the dining room remodel would justify buying one, but my expectations have been exceeded. Having said that, the tool is also pretty intimidating. Something about turning the compressor on and watching the gage climb up to 150 psi. That is a lot of pressure. I don't think that I'm so worried about backfire from the nail gun. But then again, maybe I am because everytime the compressor kicks on, I sort of jump.

Here's a picture of me within the first 15 minutes of using it. If I look relaxed, it's because the picture's totally staged.


Anonymous said...

I understand the feeling of being a little intimidated by power tools. I'd
like a nailer, but too chicken. Did you ever see that film Pacific Heights and Michael Keaton the tenant from hell, well Melanie Griffith use one with a lot of aplomb.

Anonymous said...

Look out! He's got a (nail) gun!

You'd probably look more relaxed in a kevlar flak jacket, welder's helmet and thick leather gloves.

Joe said...

I think I'd be most comfortable in a suit of armor that was able to withstand exploding compressor tanks. After 3 days of using this though, I'm not bothered at all anymore. It's a lot getting used to heights on scaffolding. The first few days I'm extremely overly cautious, then after a few days, I'm just cautious enough not to fall.

Chris said...

I understand the nail gun intimidation but boy do I want one too. Every hardward store I enter sees me lingering a little longer next to them. Guaranteed I'd shoot myself in the foot or thumb, but boy would it be fun doing it. Maybe not so much after I spose.

Joe said...

Chris & Mandy-
Oh, you should get one. You'll be glad you did. DeWalt has a good package deal - (1) compressor and (2) finish nailers. All I recommend is buy at your local, not the big box. The nailers have been made safe enough that you won't nail your foot or thumb, unless you really try to.