Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Lily Action

This time of the Stargazer variety.

Regarding the remodel, I just got back into it early this week since coming back from a two-week jaunt to Europe. There hasn't been too much progress, only a few hours of sorting and denailing a huge pile of lathes. I'm planning on using the lathes for kindling in the wood stove, or time machine, as my brother likes to refer it to.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I don't usually show people my Basement, but it is a pretty important part. After all, it holds up the house.

The previous owners left this work bench which has been handy. Sometimes I keep it neat and tidy. Sometimes, I don't.

I painted this mural when I first moved in. I don't know what possessed me to do it. I guess the blank wall was just too borish.

Here's the Jam Room which has been pretty quiet lately.

Second Floor

Second Floor Tour

So, as I mentioned in the First Floor tour, having the stairway open to the Family Room is great. And Scully likes it too, since she gets a better view to the outside world.

In the front of the house is the bedroom that gets the most light. I have put in 3 skylights and it's great. Here's a view to Mt. Tabor from one of the skylights.

The other bedroom was increased in size dramatically when I did the dormer addition / attic remodel. For example:



Here is the Walk In Closet designed in the remodel. Of course, it's got to have a window.

With a fairly large footprint to work with on the attic remodel, I didn't want to make the bedroom too large. So, the extra space was converted to a balcony. Just recently, I added a wicker chair. It is really comfortable and the view is not so bad from the balcony, either.

The sole reason for the remodel back in 2003 was for an upstairs bathroom. I'm extremely happy with how it's turned out. Some people really like the aubergine color of the walls. Others are like....yeah, um, that's interesting. The shower was the most fun to design, and I wanted to do something unique and interesting. So I made fish tiles. And put them in river rock to make the shower floor.

One of my favorite things about this old house is the unique angles of the roofline that give it so much character, as shown here.

First Floor

First Floor Tour

The Entry Room was an addition to the house, I believe, sometime in the early 80's. It was repainted to a cardinal red a few years. The color before was more of a coral, but was starting to fade into pink. Usually things fade to black. But not my entry room.

I redid the Family Room in 1998 only by just painting the trim and adding crown moulding. I did get new furniture a few years after from Sofa Table Chair. One great feature of this room is the open stairs.

Enter the Dining Room. This to me is the main central room, and also the room that has been in most need of a remodel.

The Office has had a few share of roommates and is also the location of the birth of Kaeli Kaainoa on October 12, 1995. That's another reason why I can't sell this house. Her father, Dave, won't let me.

The Kitchen was my first remodel attempt and looking at it now, I did a horrible job. It will soon be remodelled once again. In a proper manner, hopefully.

Bath 1. Another potential improvement. I think it'd be cool to get a claw foot tub, pedestal sink, etc. I really don't like this sink and have been waiting to replace it for some time.

The Pantry was another addition to the house, sometime in the 1970's. I spoke to the owners during that time, who informed me they made that change. It's especially handy to have the washer/dryer on the same floor. But it still doesn't make me enjoy laundry any more.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Glenwood Oak Wood Stove

Since being in this 106 year old house for the past 11 years and constantly seeing the old insert for the wood stove, I've really been wanting to get a wood stove back in the house. It was also another push to get the dining room redone.
I bought this from Barnstable in Massachusetts and had it shipped out here earlier this spring. I was a little afraid it'd be too gaudy but as soon as I got unpacked and in the house, I was quite stoked. Rugged elegance.
The year the stove was manufactured was 1899, just a year before this farmhouse was built.