Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hardscape Layout

The moment I've been anticipating - laying out the hardscape design. It was pretty exciting to see the patio and pathways take shape but man, was it a lot of work, not that I don't need the exercise! I used the excavated dirt to shape the mounds that have been designed.

Once everything had been dug out, the next task was the steps off of the dining room. However, summer had made it's arrival and it was time to have fun on the water. It wouldn't be until the following spring when I'd pick this back up again.

The digging started from the patio door where the new steps will be added.

The circular patio shaped by a rope tied down in the middle and used to mark the circumference.

Getting there, but slowly.

Almost done...

A good shot showing the mounds built from the excavated dirt.

A view from the south