Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden Window

While the overall pantry improvement is slowly progressing to a completed state, a giant step in progress was made over the weekend - installing a garden window. I found this window on craigslist after finding that brand new garden windows usually go for $700+. I paid $460 which is still pretty up there, but the finished product was certainly worth it.

It took a total of 7 hours to install and get the trim boards up and primed, then another couple of hours to paint. It changes the feel of the pantry completely and the view outside to the waterfall and backyard is great.

Before the cut.

During the cut.



And painted.

The view from inside looking through the bevel pantry doors.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Beer Coming Out of the Wall

After doing the kitchen remodel and adding a new fridge, I held onto the older fridge because I've always entertained the idea of a kegerator. Not only is it convenient, but also saves money and I can have just half glasses if I want.

The basic set up of the tap out of the front door was very easy. I literally think it took less than 45 minutes. I mentioned "convenience" earlier. That was only in respect to not having to buy and recycle beer bottles every week. But the kegerator was located in the basement, and that is not so convenient....until now.

Now, I've made it so I have beer coming out of the kitchen wall!

Now you don't see it.
Now you do.
After some research and discussion with bar owners, I had a solid plan. I bought a small blower and made sure it didn't heat up too much when operation, then cut an opening in the floor, ran 3" insulated duct from the kegerator side to the back side of the wall. Inside the 3" duct is a beer line and a 1" tube connected to the blower which sits on a ledge in the fridge and cools the 3" duct. It works fairly slick, though there is a little foam due to the increase pressure needed to overcome the 10' lift. But the convenience is great, not to mention a slight cool factor...

Here are some detail internal snapshots:

50 cfm blower in fridge
1" tubing connected to blower and ran to upper floor

1" tube and beer line runs inside a 3" duct covered by insulation connected to fridge side

2nd level continuation of 3" duct inside wall terminates to sealed box
View inside sealed box showing end of 1" tube and beer line