Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To The New Owners in 2156

May they be enlighted with the fact that the best beer crafted by humans during this time of remodel was.......Full Sail Amber.

I also stuffed lots of newspaper articles in various spots in the wall for their future discovery, as well as a one dollar bill that I nearly had to reclaim in desparation for a quick cup of coffee at Bipartisan. Fortunately, I had my Bipartisan punch card full so I was due for a free cup.

One of the articles I stuffed in the wall was in regards to Mt St Helens and how the dome is growing so rapidly. Since I had been up there a month earlier, I decided to attach a picture of myself on the rim of St Helens, along with my name, date, etc. It's interesting to think of what the status of that volcano will be upon the time of discovering that article.


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I found a luggage tag in my closet from a previous owner (you know, circa 2004) and I thought it was exciting. Way to think ahead!

Anonymous said...

Just how long do you expect to live there, Methuselah? Great idea to put a little time capsule behind the wall, though. Just how close to the heat source is that beer? If it gets too hot, it may not taste so good 150 years from now.

Anonymous said...

How ironic would it be if it was Mt St. Helens that claimed the house by spewing tons of ash and lava from massive volcanic eruptions only to have archealogists discover the house, and your picture on the very volcano, in 2156?

Pretty ironic

Joe said...

You know, as I was putting this in, I was wondering if it's just going to be found in the next 15 years or so. But I plan on keeping the house for longer than that so I'm banking on 150 years or more.

As if I'm going to put a FULL beer behind the wall... Duh. No wonder you never found the fountain of youth.

My! What a lovely, yet ironic thought! Thanks for sharing.

Maggie said...

i can't believe you are going to waste a beer. :)

Joe said...

No way would I do that. That bottle was empty. Trust me.