Friday, November 17, 2006

Wood Stove Is Online

Almost online, anyway. I still need to get an adapter for the stove to the pipe. It's currently just being held by a tight fit. So tight that I can't get it on far enough to drive screws to secure the connection. Here it is in mid rope insulation:

My first burnable material - lathes from the old walls.

Here's a glimpse of the flames. I still can't verify for sure how good the draft will be. The small amount of newspaper was a-roarin' but the lathes never really took to it. I need to get some good firestarter blocks.


John said...

I'm sorry if you've already mentioned this somewhere, but is your stove new or antique (beautiful in any case)? I ask because if it is new you will need to season it. Otherwise, the first roaring fire you get going may crack the stove.

Our last house had a wood stove, and I loved it. Now that winter is on the way, I'm really missing it.

Anyhow, it looks great, congratulations.

Joe said...

Hi John-
Thanks for the compliment. The wood stove is an antique, built in 1899. However, I appreciate that information regarding the cracking. Any comments or suggestions to help avert disaster are most certainly welcome.

Anonymous said...

This stove is brought to by the letter N

Joe said...

Hi Ernie-
That took me awhile, but once I figured it out, it brought me many a laugh and much joy, Just like the old days. Maybe I should start watching your show again?

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice. I can't wait to get mine in the kitchen working. It ain't going to happen this year.