Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Floor Vent

So far, this has been the easiest part of the dining room remodel. I was even able to get a chunk of it done, while still dealing with the ALL the trick-or-treaters tonight. All 3 of them. I guess the brisk east wind is a little much for them.

Anyway, the vent is currently in the wall.

But, I thought this would interfere with the panel wainscoting too much and I like the looks of the old fashioned floor register. So, today during lunch, I ran around town looking for one, and finally got this one at Rejuvanation for $95. I still need to refinish it, but I'm really liking it already.

I'm also loving my reciprocating saw (Saw-zall). It's so easy to use. I can't believe I functioned without one for so long. I got this hole cut out in less than five minutes.

All that is left is obtaining some duct work, and hooking it all up, and I'm on to the next stage of the dining room remodel.

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Chris said...

That floor vent is fantastic. Muuuuch better.