Monday, November 27, 2006

All Insulation Covered

Although Simpson Door screwed up and pushed the delivery time of the french door out another 6 weeks, making a total of a 12 week lead time, I decided just to go ahead and finish the drywall in the bay window. I don't think installing the door should have much effect on it and besides: Progress. Must. Continue.

I'm so glad I don't have to look at the insulation anymore. I'm also starting to feel the dining room remodel come together with having completed this.


I don't know if it's noticable in the picture but due to the framing, there are some huge gaps in the drywall seams. The next step this week is to hire out for the drywall finish. Hopefully, whomever I hire can work some magic with my horrific drywall hanging.

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Anonymous said...

DOH! Sorry about the door screwup. Bart can't seem to get through the day without breaking all the glass.

Hey, you should try the Simpson drywall finishing company. They're great at smearing mud on the walls and I hear they might even work for beeer...