Friday, September 29, 2006

More Drywall

Last night I got the bulk of the dryall done and it feels great to see some progress. I installed 7 pieces, and have 4 more to go. To be honest, I am a drywall hack. I just hope the folks I hire to finish the seams and corners can work some of their magic.

The bay window area (to the left in the picture below) won't have the drywall installed until I get the windows and door in, since I will have to modify the widths and heights to make it more symmetrical.

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Anonymous said...

The drywall job looks good! Nice tight seams and the surface looks relatively un-dinged.

The only comment I'd make is that it's a good idea to avoid having vertical drywall seams on the same stud as a doorway or window perimeter stud as these are the most "stressed" studs in a wall. Laying drywall across that stud helps to stiffen it and reduces the tendency of drywall to crack on the seams.