Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Historic Finds

So far, the status of the dining remodel project is establishing lighting for the stove area. Due to the intense heat from the stove, expense, and possible futility of lighting an area blocked by the stove, I decided to bag the idea of uplighting the oak tree mural. Now, my focus is on a couple of spotlights from up above.

Last week I took down the existing hideous chandelier and cut some holes in the ceiling. The intent of this was to get an understanding of the existing wiring configuration and how to manipulate it for my new hip and cool stove spotlights. I love digging into the walls and ceilings of my house in hopes of uncovering some cool history involved with house. Unfortunately, nothing was uncovered this time, other than some fake vampire fangs. But I did want to share some old newspaper finds that was used to mortar the chimney.

This is from a newsletter type paper called the "North Pacific Union Gleaner" which I am assuming is a religious newsletter, probably Seventh Day Adventist. The date is October 2, 1919.

Here are some interesting business notices from the newsletter:

Here's an ad for a tailor, with a special 10% discount for being a Seventh Day Adventist:

And finally, the treasure I've uncovered. A 1937 penny that I found under a patio I broke up some years ago:

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