Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally Decided on Stove Lighting

After weeks and weeks of fairly passive searching, I've finally ordered the track lighting that will be used above the wood stove. It's actually "monorail" lighting and is most commonly found in low voltage lighting applications. I was heading down the low voltage path, but the additional cost of a transformer and special dimmer added about $300 to the overall price. I just opted for the line voltage at that point.

The monorail application is not too common for line voltage, but I was able to find Nora Lighting. Here's what the fixture will look like, and I'll use 2 of them:

Some earlier progress on the stove lighting includes some pre-wiring to the lights. You can barely see the wiring sticking out in the picture below, and some holes punched in the ceiling for wiring access. The black thing in the corner is stove pipe which I bought on Saturday. When I hooked parts of the stove pipe up to the wood stove, I was immediately stoked. And so re-begins the momentum. I even cleaned the cresote from the chimney on Sunday. I didn't wear a top hat, but I think I still got the job done.


Joe said...

I used a chimney brush from the top of the chimney down, which means getting on the roof. It was very easy and quick - probably took 45 minutes. If you're uneasy about heights, just call a chimney cleaner.
As far as containing the creosote dust, you could always leave the stove pipe in place. Or you could simply seal off the fireplace opening with a plastic tarp.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you installed the lighting before you finished the ceiling? Was there a reason you did this instead of roughing in the lighting, and installing it after you finished the ceiling?

Joe said...

I'm actually going to do the tin ceiling and that's last on the list. The only reason why I installed it was because I was anxious to get light in the room. It would make more sense to install after the ceiling's finished but I didn't want to wait.