Tuesday, September 26, 2006

French Door and Window Shopping

With the installation of the drywall, I came to realize that I really need to get the custom door and windows ordered, since the lead time will be about 4-6 weeks. The bay window is not symmetrical so in order for the interior trim to look decent, I'll need to undersize one current window, and the door width. Hence, a custom product. So far, I've gotten two estimates though I have called about five places in the last 4 days.

For the french door, I'll probably go with Simpson, as that seems to be the standard for the Pacific Northwest. See picture below and just imagine two side by side. I'm going back and forth between using the 10-light or maybe just a 1-light of all glass, which would be easier to clean.

For the windows, I'm replacing the fixed-old foggy's with casement, where I can create some flow-through during Portland's 5 days of 95° + weather. So far, the winning brand has been Marvin, though I'm open to suggestions. Are there any favorites out there?

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