Saturday, September 30, 2006

Drywall Completed.... for now

I just spent 3-1/2 hours hanging the last pieces of drywall, 2 of those hours were spent on the bay window area pictured below. With the poor framing job, some slight modifications and careful measurements had to be made. After the new windows and door openings are modified and are installed, I'll finish drywalling that area.

Next on the list is a slow removal of the linoleum stuck on the douglas fir floor. What fun that will be!


Anonymous said...

how do you do? i'm a houseblogs fan and just wanted to say i've been following the saga wihtout commenting. congrats on getting the drywall up singlehandedly. that's huge.

Joe said...

Thanks. The drywalling wasn't too difficult. It just really helps to take your time, as with everything else. Thanks for following the progress.