Friday, April 13, 2007

Oak Tree Tile Trim Complete

The oak tree tile trim pieces finally were ready last Monday and came out surpisingly okay, so this past week has been spent installing them. I just got done grouting them last night, so a little bit of clean up is needed. Other than that, I'd say another chunk of the dining room remodel is complete.
It wasn't a cut and dry install as the surface I was working on wasn't exactly level. In the picture below, it shows how the cap would have looked if I just used 1/4" spacers under each piece. This was fairly hideous, obviously, so I ended up using all different thickness of spacers to get it all level.


Greg said...

Wow! What a project. It really came out nice. What is behind the stove that the tile ducks under? Is that a window?

Joe said...

Thanks Greg!
The jog in the tile layout is actually a wood support for the chimney. Scary, but it's been like that for over a hundred years, so I guess it works.