Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Like Shiny Things

For the end of the week, I was busy installing the tin ceiling. First I installed the "filler" around the edges since the main tin panels weren't in yet. Then it was the crown molding and finally the 2' x 2' panels. It went very smoothly and wasn't too overly difficult. The nail gun was a huge help (once again). I'd say the most critical part in the whole process was just making sure the pieces were laid out properly prior to nailing into place. That and making sure the panels were square to the wall, but that just takes a lot of measuring and a few reintalls.

The shiny look is very exciting and I can't seem to walk through the dining room without taking notice with my mouth agape, but I'm off to Home Depot to purchase some white paint. And it has to be oil based paint, or else it'll make the tin ceiling rust because the tin ceiling is really a steel ceiling.

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goddessof4 said...

Hi,I love how your tin ceiling turned out.We put one up in a bedroom.we still have to put up the molding.