Monday, April 30, 2007

Two Dogwoods

For the past five years or so, I've been wanting to add something to my planting strip that is a little more interesting than grass. This year I finally made it happen. On Sunday I headed to the local Seven Dees nursery and purchased a couple of dogwoods. The first one (below) is a tri-colored with white flowers, and I've been told this tree looks most dramatic in the fall. The second one is the typical pink dogwood is the more common variety.

There's something very fufilling about planting a tree. I think I figured it out - the fact that the tree will be there 50+ years after you place it in the ground. However, after I told a few people about the new plantings, they asked if I got a permit. I didn't realize a permit was needed so I now need to look into it. I know there is a suggested list for tree plantings and since the dogwoods won't grow more than 20' tall, I should be okay.

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Anna said...

Oh my goodness - you'd need a permit to plant a tree?? Quite weird! But they are beautiful and I hope they'll grow well.

By the way, your post somehow reminded me of the saying that every man should father a son, build a house and plant a tree in his life ;)