Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trim and Molding

For the end of March/start of April, the remodel entered the finishing phase by installing the trim and molding. To me, the appeal of remodeling is venturing into things never attempted before, however cutting and installing molding which I've done a lot of still gives a ton of satisfaction. It's easy but yields great results......when done right, of course. I had to redo the garden window trim twice. It's best not to install trim when you're totally sleepy.

Window trim and the start of the picture rail in the breakfast nook.

Base boards and trim around the fridge and bathroom door

Bathroom and pantry door. I had to get fairly creative in this tight area.

Quarter round to cover the gaps between the base board and hex tile.
I didn't take any pictures of the crown molding, but here's a cell phone shot of my guide on how to set the saw  up with regards to the orientation of the crown molding and angle of the saw. This is my 4th or 5th time cutting crown molding and it's STILL confusing. 
The garden window trim between attempts
The finished garden window trim


Mary J Dubar said...

just exactly what are you growing in your window box?

Joe said...

After that bottle of Roots Wine and Jameson, I put a schefflera, scarlet begonia, and jade in the window.

David Paskin said...

I recognize the begonia and the jade. but schefflera? is that some kind of code name?