Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cabinet Paint

And the process of cabinet painting begins....

Painting the mullion white cabinet doors (slowly) in the breakfast nook.

The lower cabinets are primed with a red paint as a "primer" or base undercoat.

A coat of black is added on top of the red then using a wet towel, I lightly rubbed off some of the black before it dries to give it a bit of a distressed look.

A close up showing the distressed look.

The white cabinets upon completion

The black cabinets shown with some of the hardware on. I'm still waiting for the drawer pulls.


Suresh Mohapatra said...

Did you use the "blackboard paint" on the wall coming from the dining room?

C Rimrodt said...

I just stumbled upon your site from the Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage yard website. I have loved looking through your progress. One question for you, where did you get your farm sink? I am looking for one for a house we just purchased and love yours!

Joe said...

Thanks! I love that sink too. It is a Shaw sink and is pretty common. I found it online and here is the link that I save: