Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kitchen Appliance Install

The gas range finally arrived. 

So far, this was the only subject of aggravation in the entire project. The original lead time given to me was 10 weeks and a few weeks before it was to arrive, the lead time doubled to 20 weeks. I could tell you the reason that was given to me, but I doubt it would be factual.

I ended up finding another supplier (AJ Madison) that told me they had the range in their warehouse and could get it to me in a week or two. This was too good to be true. After receiving an automated reply that it was on back order just before scheduled delivery date, I was concerned and called them. A lot. I was on hold for so long so many times and never got a good response However, in retrospect it didn't turn out too bad as they got it to me in about 4 weeks. I think the wait was worth it too.

I was blown away after inching the range into place and stepping back to see. It's starting to look like a real kitchen.
The ergonomic control knobs hooked me.

Temperature gauge

The Waterstone Gantry Faucet. I splurged on this but it's used everyday so it's worth it.

The Insinkerator Excel disposal with an air switch (not shown and not sure where it will be installed just yet).
Panel ready Bosch dishwasher without the panel.
Hidden dishwasher controls


Speedfit Push Fittings said...

This is fantastic looks and i really this like your Kitchen design and i will be try for my home kitchen ..
Thanks for the sharing..

Anonymous said...

with the built-in fridge, you won't be able to store your honey bunches of oats above it.

Joe said...

Maybe I'll just have to build a built in honey bunches of oats cabinet then.

WMUD962G said...

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Marzetta said...

Now that you've had time to live with it, how do you like your sink to counter top transition? Do you find it difficult to wipe crumbs from the counter right into the sink with the small amount of sink reveal showing? I'm trying to decide on this type of install vs having the marble cut slightly larger to fully cover the edge of the sink. The marble would hang over a quarter to half inch past the edge of the sink. Does that make any sense?? Would love to hear your opinion!

Joe said...

Hi Marzetta- That hasn't been a problem for me since the joint is easy to wipe the crumbs off but I could see it being a bother for some people.