Friday, December 31, 2010

Wires, Wires, Wires!

After running the wires in the lower bathroom, I knew I was in for a massive project with the kitchen due to the amount of dedicated circuits and lighting needs. In my Gantt Chart, I blocked away 10 days, gave myself 16 hours and estimated about $125 in materials. So far, (and I'm still not done) I have taken about 30 hours and spent about $260.

Though the pictures might not show much to you, seeing all the yellow wiring (I used 12 GA for everything regardless of 15A or 20A) really brought the new kitchen closer to reality. I'm having a qualified electrician come check my work prior to covering the walls with drywall. I'll probably do a second check once everything is connected, just to be safe.

Here's a shot of the ceiling boxes. I'm going to have 3 levels of lighting - low nightlight type lighting in cabinets, medium overhead lighting with fixtures from Rejuvenation, and high level task lighting over the counters by means of modern rail lighting hung from old hand hewn rustic beams.

Wiring in the breakfast nook/cove/snug. I'm going to have the outlet halves controlled by switch, so I can have lamps also provide lighting.

The wall boxes for a couple of Rejuvenation sconces

One 3-way switch for the pantry lighting:

The wires on the left are for the low level lighting rope lights that will go at the base of the copper hood. In the middle is wiring for the exhaust liner and the wiring on the right is for the low level and high level light switches:

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