Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Electrical Check

I got some great news this morning. I asked a licensed electrician to come and do a pre-check of my wiring before moving on any further. I didn't quite pass because I did some code violations. Nothing major, or anything that would burn down the house, just that some lights were on the same circuit as the outlets. The other mistake I made was that I did not place enough outlets per the 4 foot rule on the countertop. I knew of this rule, but ignored it thinking I personally didn't need all those extra outlets. I decided to go by the book and add them.

It will certainly be a bit more time on top of what I've already put in (3o hours), but the best part is that I know I will have done it correctly. My original estimate of the electrical was way off - 16 hours. As it turns out, that electrician confirmed that my actual hours are pretty good. She thought my project would have been a 2 man - 3 day job. Wow! That's 48 hours!

And the best part is that I saved over $4,000....


Jan Marie said...

Nice job saving 4K.

I know the 4 foot rule seems overboard but I've noticed that they are putting shorter and shorter cords on mixers etc.

Joe said...

Yes, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense.