Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Header and Posts

The theme of the new kitchen is angled more towards a "french country" style so lots of rustic materials will be implemented. The rustic design concepts started with a brick inlay floor with reclaimed full 2x4s, then faux timber beams were added. After the breakfast nook idea was born, there was a need for support of the joists above. It was back to Aurora Mills to find some big beefy timber.

Here are the posts getting sprayed with bleach water to kill the moss that grew on the timbers as they were stored outside:

After speaking with a structural engineer, he guided me to use 4x4s underneath the posts with a concrete block to spread the load since I don't have reinforced concrete in the basement floor. Try not to look at my messy basement, please:

I lucked out with the post location. Check out this tight fit next to the gas line:

I'm no woodworker (as you can see by the direction the chisel is aimed) but I wanted a keyed type fit for the header to sit on the posts. It might be called a "simple mortise & tenon"? Here I am notching out the header:

After nixing the idea of using human strength to support the header while the posts were installed below due to the chance of the header getting away and falling, I rented a drywall jack from my neighbors across the street. Good folks, they are.

The final result. Header and Posts.
It's not that impressive at this point because of all the other lumber around but once the drywall is installed, it will stand out more. I think the contrast from rough and old to clean + crisp makes a killer look

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