Monday, November 15, 2010

Bathroom Door Install

The bathroom floor was fairly easy to install. Now it came time for something more challenging - hanging the old $75 five panel bathroom door purchased from the salvage section at Rejuvenation. I've done this about 3 times before, none of them have been absolutely perfect, but good enough to be workable and to fool those who know not what to look for.

Things were going fine as I took my time on an evening after work, then all of a sudden 3 issues arose:

1. I cut the incorrect end of the jamb.
2. The floor sloped so bad that it created a half inch inch gap at one end of the door's side.
3. The rough in of the framing was too tight and gave no play for adjustment.

As panic sort of almost set in, I broke for dinner and had a solution after my first bite. I just needed to trim off about 1/4" of the jamb. This turned out perfect since I was able to lower the door about 1/4", meet halfway for the slope of a 1/4". The jamb end, that had a funny angle, could simply be caulked to hide my oversight of cutting the incorrect end. My door, which I had custom cut, still had plenty of room to fit within. The task continued to churn forward.

That first evening took 5 hours and I was up until midnight, but the successful ending made it all the worth it.
There is nothing easy about hanging a door, I've concluded. Even attaching the strike and knob hardware needs to be thought through carefully. It sure is fun opening and closing it now though only for the simple fact of.... because it works!

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