Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bathroom Floor Install

Now that I have the wainscoting almost ready, I realized that I needed the baseboard molding in before I could install the wainscoting. But before I could install the baseboard molding, I really should have the floor in. Works for me. I really enjoy installing floors. The outcome far exceeds the work put into it. That doesn't necessarily mean it's easy, just doable.

Since this section of the house is a tad lower than the rest, the floor needed to be built up to make a total of 1.25" thickness. Half inch plywood was cut to fit....

Then half inch cement board....

Making a nice thick floor...

And now for the 1" hex tile (1/4" thick), for the period bathroom look. They are not exactly authentic because I wanted glazed tile for ease of cleaning.

At the door, I needed to support the grout edge so I took one of the floor board samples I'm going to use in the kitchen and installed it as a threshold. I really like the worn antique wood look against the shiny new tile.



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