Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Copper Hood Is Here

I didn't want to give any sneak peaks to the kitchen remodel but I was so psyched to see the copper hood, that I had to share.

This was made by Vlad at Art of Rain. I highly recommend him. He's personable, friendly, quick, very talented, and with reasonable cost. All the things that make a great experience when it comes to purchasing these types of items.

I didn't really need the hood this soon, but I sure like having it around so I can gaze at it.


Sharon Kwilter said...

Beautiful! Can I ask how much it was? We were thinking about buying a different copper hood for our remodel, by a maker in Canada, but buying one somewhat local is much better.

OMG, his gutter decorations are to die for! I must have one. Your post today might just cost us a lot of money. =)

Sharon Kwilter said...

Never mind about the price--I wrote him direct. His estimate is the best we've seen so we'll probably buy our hood from him. Thanks for the blog post!

Joe said...

Hi Sharon-
I'm glad you went through with it! He is very reasonable pricewise and does quality work. You won't be disappointed. Take care.