Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Window Install

Here I am nailing in the studs for the new window to attach to.

I rushed home after work and started this endeavor at 5:30, know

ing that I had little time before darkness fell upon us. Fortunately, the previous window was held in only by the molding from the outside so little time was needed on that. Overall it went well. Adjusting the window placement from the outside wa

s a challenge because I built the frame too tight. It eventually straightened out though after a few expletives. How many expletives does it take to straighten a newly installed win

dow o


The original window is on the left. When I was working to get it out, I twisted it unknowingly and the glass just exploded right in my ear. No blood though. I was lucky.

Window removed. It reminds me of a missing tooth.

New frame built for window to attach to that I was particularly proud of. The old windows were literally attached to the exterior trim molding.


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