Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wainscot Prep

A pile of pre-cut wainscot sitting outside, ready to be stripped.

For Halloween this year, my costume consisted of a breathe respirator. Not very scary I realize, but helpful in keeping the lead dust out of my system, which could result in a pretty bad scare. As mentioned in previous posts, old wainscoting was found in the demolition of the bathroom and the thought came to utilize the original wainscot rather than buy new. What seemed like a green/environmentally-conscious and inexpensive solution is actually just the opposite. Not only is the lead dust harmful with cutting, but having to remove the extra gobs of paint on the panels is expensive and fairly nasty due to the hardcore paint remover.

On the positive side, the wainscot will have loads of character and can remain in it’s original home.

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