Saturday, January 27, 2007


After getting a few nice compliments on the panel wainscoting project so far, I feel I should probably fess up to a little mis-nailage that occured. Since the wainscoting cap sits on top of a 1x4, I nail (with a pneumatic nail gan) from the top to secure the cap in place. I'm not sure what happened here. I just didn't align correctly or something. I've been trying to push through, pull it out, nail it back up and it's just not budging.

So, I guess I'll just leave it as a conversational piece.


Anonymous said...

Eh, it happens. There's no way to push it back and sometimes the head catches on some tough fibers so you can't pull it through either. In cases like this I get a pair of electrician's dikes (wire cutters), clip it off as closely as I can to the surface and use a nail punch or a thin, hardened steel rod (like the depth limiter on my drill) to hammer it below the surface. Then either wood fill or a shallow dowel.

Erie's Argonaut said...

I get a few of those myself :-)
I found if you can nick (scrath a line)on one side of a nail down close to the wood and bend it back and forth it breaks off. Then you can just take a nail punch and get it level to the wood. I have a dremmel that I use with the cut off wheel. You don't have to cut all the way through it, just nick a line and it will break off at the nicked area by bending it a few times.

Joe said...

Brooklyn & Erie-
Thanks for the good advice. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's made this mistake. I was amazed by the embeddment strength that this little 16ga nail has.

Anonymous said...

Nail guns slam a nail in with such force that the nail just seeks the path of least resistance, which is sometimes away from the denser heartwood. You can reduce the number of pokethrus by angling your nailer away from the exposed face and by using shorter nails.

I try to minimize the number of nails I use by gluing/clamping everything and using shorter nails or even 18 gauge brad nails where possible. I've got about half-gallon of TiteBond and 16 tubes of construction adhesive in my current bedroom reno and probably less than a hundred 15 gauge finish nails.