Friday, January 12, 2007

Slate Tile at the Bay Window

I finally have accomplished a task in the dining room remodel that is worth posting - the installation of the slate tile at the bay window. It went fairly well and the only hitch was some flexing sub-floorboards that were cantilevered due to the partial removal of a joist for the return air opening. I was able to reinforce it by tying in each sub-floorboard to the supported sub-floor board running perpendicular with 2x4's. I lost you, didn't I?

Anyway, the subfloor is now solid to avoid any mortar or grout cracking. Or at least, I hope it is! I actually used a special mortar that applies to wood bases and will supposedly allow for some flexing.

Here's a little pictoral tour of this latest endeavor...

With old floor:

Existing subfloor:

With new 1/4" plywood covering subfloor:

Applying thin set mortar (special to wood subfloor) and installing tiles:

Applying grout:

The finshed product:

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