Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mt. Popcorn

That is my ceiling, on the floor.

On Tuesday evening, in preparation for the drywall finish team, I scraped off the popcorn ceiling in the dining room. This was so they could blend the walls in with the ceiling. Also, since I will be installing a tin ceiling, I needed to make a smooth surface to attach the tin panels.

First, I sprayed the ceiling liberally with water, then took a tape knife and just scraped away. It came off fairly easy. The toughest part was cleaning the entire mess.

And the final outcome, not much to look at.....yet.


Glen said...

WOW!! You need a cleanup Crew!

I could send my Brawny Bitches Bucket Brigade, but be warned they charge by the mile and the minute, and will even clean you, or sweep you out!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are mistaken. Mt Popcorn is in Iowa.

That is a beautiful view of Mt Ceilingonflooro. I climed it's Eastern face without oxogen.

Joe said...

Whoa Reinhold, maybe you should have used oxygen because apparently it's affect your spelling abilities.

By the way, that was a great article on you in the National Geographic recently.