Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Lights*

* With the exception of the short section on the small gable that is not lighting up for whatever reason.

That's what I did all weekend. In the cold east wind. Slightly hungover from the irish session the night before. Wearing no gloves.

This is the first Christmas season to hang icicle lights from the gables. I have always wanted to, especially after getting the attic remodel completed. I think a farmhouse looks particularly good with the icicle lights. Unfortunately, I ran out so I wasn't able to get the north gable (or balcony) section completed. Later I was able to find some more lights, though cheaper, I think they'll do the trick. Now, I just have to find the time and the energy - preferably at the same moment.


Anonymous said...

It looks good!
But not like icicles. More like flames. Is your new stove ok?

I'll bet with snow & ice on the ground, they would have a better "icicle feel". I'll see what I can do. Sorry it was so cold the other day. What was it? 40?

Joe said...

It actually got down to mid 30s, maybe even lower. With the wind, that made it all the more uncomfortable. But I'm so tough, nothing can stop me from hanging those icicle lights. Not even woobly 24' ladders.
**enter pains in my legs**