Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Adhesive Removal

I started on removing the glue backing of the linoleum tiles tonight. And with plenty of ventilation. It seems to work fairly well, and with less labor than removing the tops of the linoleum which is nice. I just slap a bunch of some nasty adhesive removal on the backing, place plastic over it, roll it out with a brush roller and wait 30 mintues.

After the 30 minutes is up, I use a sidewalk scraper rather than a putty knife to avoid close fumes, and it seems to come up enough to get it ready for sanding.


Anna said...

Hi Joe!

How exciting it is to follow your work on that wooden floor!
I'm sure it's worth all the scraping and backache and any nasty adhesive removal!!
Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

Joe said...

Thanks Anna. Yes, part of it is exciting believe it or not. I was hoping to see more of the "wood" as I take the backing up, but the black stuff just spreads all over. That will just make for a big surprise when I get the pros to sand it all out.

donutboy said...

We went through the same thing for our kitchen floor (1940's house) and we found that the only thing that worked 100% well...more like 90% was elbow grease. We ended up trying many many products, the best being Krud Kutter from the evil HD, but mostly the back end of a wonder bar was our prime weapon of choice.

check it out.

sometime around april would be a good one to look at.

best of luck