Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kitchen Lighting

Since the demolition of the kitchen at the end of November, my source of light has been this:

But soon after the floor was installed, the task lighting monorail which go above the counter finally arrived:

The brand is W.A.C., which I have since found out is a "so-so" brand and I purchased online through Y-Lighting. Not blaming anyone but myself, but figuring out exactly what was required for the monorail install was a trial by error process, ending up in 3 different shipments. That's the price you pay for online shopping I suppose.

Anyway, I like the looks of the fixtures now that I have the white frosted shades. Before was a metallic mesh which didn't seem to work quite right.

For the pendant fixtures, Rejuvenation had a long lead time for their basic chain pendant lighting, so I ended up getting the 3 pendants from Schoolhouse Electric. It was my first purchase from them and was a blessing in disguise because the chain is thicker (a good thing) and the shape of the shade could do no wrong. 

More lighting to come with the internal cabinet lighting...

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