Friday, March 11, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

I was holding out on posting any cabinet pictures until they were competed and painted. However, at this rate, the blog would never be updated since the painting's going extra slow it seems. Besides, it's been a month since I've added anything and I was getting some pressure to post more on the blog. 

So, do people really read this thing?

Here is Kevin Reedy in action, installing the base for the copper hood

Freshly installed upper cabinets. And a BIG level.

The view from the kitchen entrance, showing the base cabinet boxes with drawers sans fronts.

Hood Base after crown molding installation

Another view of the lower cabinets

A view of the upper and lower cabinets from the ladder


Jan Marie said...

Yes....we're reading!

Love that floor.

Julio said...

I do. I've really enjoyed following the kitchen project.

Sharon Kwilter said...

The kitchen is looking fabulous! Great job.

Jim said...

Looks really nice, Joe. Bet you're proud of what you've done. Thanks for updating the blog....I and others do check in from time to time!