Sunday, September 26, 2010

Basement Reinforcement

The floor taken up to get access to the joists so we can double them up to minimize deflection.

Since a clawfoot tub will eventually be installed, I thought it’d be best to strengthen up the floor joists. After meeting with a structural engineer on another subject, it wasn’t that this was needed to keep the tub from crashing through to the basement, but more to minimize deflection to avoid puddling of water at certain areas. Since I had little to no access due to wiring and plumbing from below, I had to cut out from above to make this joist doubling happen.

Of course, when you remove the floor, you’re only asking for trouble.


rmaenza said...

Looks like a major project. If you double up the joist and bolt them together you can drive a semi truck on it. Keep up up the good work and have fun in your new tub.

evan said...

I like how you get hardcore to the framing not just picking colors like the other blogs

Joe said...

Thanks Evan. As I pick out materials and items that will be added at a later time, I keep wondering if I should post now. Since I've got so much going on now, you just confirmed that I'm doing the right thing.