Friday, March 23, 2007

Vacuum For Sale

Actually, I take that back. I still have carpet upstairs, but as of last night, there's no more carpet on the first floor. Last night's carpet rippage in the family room was much more successful than the office from the night before, in that the doug fir floors are all intact and in good shape. I'm all the more excited for these new floors. After hanging out in the room, I realized that the soft doug fir floors give a much warmer feel than I was expecting.

Here's Scully, enjoy the last few moments of the carpet.


Anonymous said...

I was floored by the floors, and looking forward to seeing them refinished. They will refinish like new, unless you cover them with more carpet. Take my advice, and have exposed wood floors with area rugs here and there. Classy!

Joe said...

You look forward to seeing them refinished??? Not as much as me!
Thanks for comment.