Thursday, March 22, 2007

Carpet Tearout in Office

Last night was the unveiling of my Doug Fir floors in the office (also know as a third bedroom). I was fairly excited, not just because it was another step in the direction of a finished dining room, but also to see the wood floors, that were sure to be in great shape and ready to be easily restored.

Here is a before picture. I should have vaccuumed but what's the point?

And the after picture. In the background are some hideous wide boards that will need to be removed and replaced with new fir floors. The reason they're different is because that part of the house was added on later from the original house.

Below the carpet and padding was this colorful linoleum. Kinda cool, but isn't staying.
Here's a more detailed picture of the "newer" part of the house, with the wide boards that will need to be replaced.


StuccoHouse said...

Jane Powell, the author of "Linoleum" collects samples of those old designs. Yours is very pretty. I know she posts over at the post 1920's talk forum at the Old House Journal website. You should send her a note. At least you would know the design was docuemtned for the future ;-)

I love old fir floors. Yours will look so nice when done.

Joe said...

Thanks, I will try and follow up with Jane. Unfortunately, I cut up that linoleum pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Great work.