Monday, March 12, 2007

Hiya Spring, Nice To See Ya Again

I particularly like this time of year not just because it gets warmer (duh) but also because it reminds me of when I got the keys to my house 12 years ago (March 8th, 1995 to be exact). In fact, I distinctly remember moving stuff with great excitement in the back of the house where the 2nd picture of daffodils was taken, and those same daffodils were blooming at the time.

This shot is of the daffodils in the front of the house. I'm digging the slightly out of focus house siding in the background.
Interestingly, I'm not sure Scully is liking the warmer weather. At the park, where she fetches the racquetball after I bash it into space with my stick, she tends to get too hot too quick. But that's kind of why I built the waterfall.

Here's a shot of the first clematis bloom of the year.

I think there'll be plenty more from the looks of those buds.


kingstreetfarm said...

Happy house anniversary!

Love the daffodils, and I like the way the focus is set on that shot too.
Wow your clematis is going to be a STUNNER! What variety is it? I'm going to plant some this year to scramble up the side of our dilapidated old red barn and I can't decide whether to go with white, or a majorly contrasting color like Jackmanii (purple).

Joe said...

I can't remember the variety of clematis, but it is quite hardy and grows quick, which is nice. I like the contrast of white to a dark red color, kind of like your dining room (which looks great, btw).

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud, let's Party!

Joe said...

There are so many places to go with "bud"...