Monday, August 28, 2006

Brick Landscaping

On the north part of my house, I have a little section that's always been in need of some type border to separate it from the yard. When I did the remodel of the attic, the brick chimney had to be reconstructed. Before they could get away with the old brick, I hauled it all back to my house for future use. I really like the look of old rustic brick. And having been a part of the house at one time makes it pretty cool too.

These pictures are what I got done this last Saturday by laying out what it will look like prior to mortaring it. The chocolate lab in the picture above is my super cool dog, named Scully.


Jennifer said...

Hi Scully!

I like using old brick too--although I have more old stones than bricks around here. It looks good!

Anonymous said...

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