Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Once the round patio was installed, it served as the benchmark elevation for the pathways. Creating a level path throughout made for a challenge due to the screwy topography of my yard. Loads and loads of dirt were needed near the end.

I used the same material (Three Rivers) for the pathways. Since the pieces were smaller, it ws a little more tedious than the circular patio.

Since my working hours were limited to about 2 to 3 in the evening after work, I'd set a line in the path that I'd make myself reach. It definitely help keep me focused on completing.

This is an early picture prior to setting the sand in between the pavers. With the smaller pieces, they tend to move when walked upon. I will eventually add a mortar and sand mix to solidify the setting.

I tried to keep the path as level as possible but since I was connecting up to another pathway a few inches lower, I allowed a gradual slope.

My favorite part of the paths are the curves. 

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