Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wood Stackage

This rainy and cold afternoon in Portland was spent outside chopping wood to smaller more usable firewood for the woodstove. After being on the road from St. Louis to Portland for 4 days of driving, it felt great to get out and get some exercise. As I write, it's burning away. Well, sort of. It's a little wet.
Here's the remaining part of the half cord of wood that I split with my neighbor:
And here's Scully with her "cousin" Dooley, just moments before she had to spend the next several days on the road. She did great and was quite the trooper.


goddessof4 said...

We finally have wood too!!! Usually my husband and I end up driving around our town trying to find the "wood guys". They are never around when you need them!!!!!!

Richard said...

Where can I order/find/pickup a set of those metal bookends that are on each end of your woor pile?

Those are great!

Joe said...

Goddess- Yes, it's a hassle to find wood, especially at this time of year. Fortunately for me, I had a friend/coworker/neighbor do the wood guy research and was out of town when it all happened. He and his wife even stacked the first pile for me!

Richard- Those "bookends" were found at Home Depot for $25. They seem to work great.