Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Labor Day Painting

Last year at Labor Day, I used the 3 day weekend to paint part of my house. Since house painted is such a daunting task, I decided to break up the painting into sections. Three day sections. Every year in the beginning of September. And this was the 2nd annual Labor Day paint fest with the area of interest being the upper half of the west side of the house. It's not exactly the most enjoyable since I'm up about 15 feet in the air on a ladder, but it's amazing how quick you get used to it

It's really not too much to show, but here it is:



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Anonymous said...


I like your approach to painting...just a little bit each year...nice! We've actually been talking about doing the same thing for awhile, but unfortunately we're currently at the zero days per year level. That doesn't really add up to much...