Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Den Revision

Lately, the focus of the blog has been on the dining room remodel. In fact, that's actually the reason for creating the blog - a means of relaying the remodel accomplishments to my ever so curious family in St. Louis. But since the dining room is just about done (chandelier arrives in a few weeks), and I want to keep this blog alive, here's some work that has been going on in the den, or the front room.

Before, the den had tan colored walls, and with the light carpet, the white canvas uphosltered furniture made the room fairly bland. I decided to give the room a little more kick and painted the walls a greyish-blue, as well as the ceiling a light yellow. I am very happy with how the wall color goes with the new floors. That blank wall in the picture below will soon be filled in with some art that I'm waiting for.

Oh yeah - and I also got a new TV. Since none of my friends come over anymore to watch games because I'm the only one with an outdated TV, I had jump on the HD wagon. Though I'm not a big TV watcher, I'm really liking it.

Here's what the den looked like before:


Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, didn't your den have a bad case of the Beiges! But you've solved that. The blue with yellow is very handsome, and the combination really makes the white upholstery pop.

Anonymous said...

Joe-your house is looking incredible! Looks like you are just about done too. The dining room looks amazing. The refinishing of the entry way parquet looks great, and yes you can see all the different shades of wood. I could go on and on :)

Joe said...

It couldn't have been said better - "bad case of the beiges". You are so right.

I'm glad you can see the different shades of wood. By the way, you were one of the folks that inspired me to get that HDTV. Congrats on the new place of employment. Very cool.

brooklyntrout said...

The whole house looks great, but that tv looks really, really nice with that color blue.

Chris said...

That blue is great. Perfect choice.

Anonymous said...

I love the you still have the paint company/color name for it?

Joe said...

Thanks Sean & Chris

I actually mixed 3 different paints and 6 tries to get that final color (I'm a little weird like that). The colors I mixed were Benj Moore Hale Navy, Benj Moore Phillipsburg Blue, and some basic Behr white.

jake said...

Gosh Almighty! Miraculous! Boy, what a difference some color makes. Your furniture disappeared in the before hot, now, I had thought you refurnished the room too. Great job!