Friday, May 18, 2007

Floor Refinish In Office

In continuing the floor 'before and after' series, the office floor probably saw the most effort in the refinishing of the floors. This is because half of this room didn't exist when the house was first built so there was a completely different floor on the north side that had to be completely removed. To get the new boards to match, reclaimed floor boards from another building in town were needed, since old growth has a much different look than new growth Douglas Fir.

David at Boardwalk Floors explained that he had to use several thicknesses of plywood below in order to shim to get the floor level. My neighbor also explained that David was there before she left in the morning, and worked well into the evening. I highly recommend him, if you're in Portland.

This is a little closet in the office:

Yesterday, I came across this post, which made my day.

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