Friday, January 28, 2011

Kitchen Ductwork

With the pantry door installed and the drywall next on the list, it was time to get heat to the kitchen. Heat will help the drywall guy in faster drying times with the drywall finish. There's not a whole to running ductwork but I still felt like a hack. Fortunately (and surprisingly), no blood was shed in dealing with the shards of metal. Previous ductwork projects sent me scrambling to the band aid department.

I buy my goods at Vinje & Son. Nice folks but spendy. They are also 2 blocks from me which is kind of handy. I had them fabricate 3 boxes to connect the round duct to so it speeds up the installation and it's all custom made. I actually screwed up and forgot about the extra reinforcement I did in the bathroom floor so I ended up "rebuilding" the box as shown here.

Scully. Spying on me:

All done. Shiny duct work.


Unknown said...

Hi Joe. Amazing farmhouse. I saw your comment on my kitchen post . . our espresso machine is from Crate and Barrel. Very reasonable for how great it is. Good luck!!

Mel Ard said...

Nice Work!

It's not often that people share that level of detail which is very important and shouldn't be overlooked. I believe it's very helpful for other remodelers to tour your ductwork.