Monday, September 27, 2010

More Wainscoting

More potential beadboard wainscoting uncovered on the ceiling as the nook is demolitionized.

From my previous post, I mentioned that I realized some wainscoting that I uncovered from the kitchen and bath demolition could possibly be used in the bathroom remodel but I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough. After ripping out the first layer from the bedroom ceiling, it looks like a hit a bit of a gold mine. I think there might be plenty.

Or will there be.....?

Stay Tuned!


jake said...

Very interesting! Our house has a ton of that wainscoting too and looks like the same color.. a sort of light white washed sea green color. I wonder if that was factory painted and families just installed as is because it saved them extra money from painting?


Joe said...

I read somewhere that green was a common color to use back in the day. I'm in the middle of hanging an old 5-panel door and it just occurred to me that the door is the same green color.