Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Tree

A couple of years ago, I had the guts to hang icicle lights from my gables, 20'+ from the ground. It looked so cool and I really wanted to do it again this year. Sort of. Mom hinted it wasn't such a great idea now that I'm "pushing 40". Moms are pretty smart. Not only that, it was a reasonable excuse NOT to go to all the trouble.

For this year, I headed out to the Mt Hood National Forest with a friend to cut down my own Christmas tree. At first it seemed so wrong, but upon learning the Forest Service provided permits for $5, I was on board with it.

So here it is....not sure why type. Maybe Hemlock? Spruce? Whatever it is, it smells great!


Jennifer said...

Your Christmas tree is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!jasmine

goddessof4 said...

What a great tree!!! WE now have a fake tree,we used to get real but one year it made such a mess getting it out of the house we went out and bought a fake tree!!!!